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Welcome to the wiki for The Open Mob for Android(TM) (AndMob for short). We hope that you will find this to be a useful resource for Android application development.

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Android Development

  • Community: Learn more about who is involved with Android development
    • Discussion Boards: Lists of places to talk about Android development
    • Blogs: List of major Android development blogs
    • Podcasts: Sites offering regularly-updated audio/video broadcasts related to Android development
    • Other Wikis: Other wikis pertaining to related areas in Android
    • Allied Communities: Other general Android development community sites
    • Meetups and Conferences: Android in meatspace! ;-)
    • Contests and Bounties: Contests for Android application or firmware developers, or bounties to encourage development of specific applications
  • Knowledge: Learn more about Android development itself
    • Tutorials and Sample Code: Places to get worked-out examples of Android applications or programming techniques
    • Development Tools: Online or local tools to assist in Android application development
    • Frequently-Asked Questions: Questions and answers on Android development, categorized
    • Videos: Screencasts, presentations, training — all on video, all on Android development
    • Books: Collections of Android knowledge, in digital or thinly-sliced-tree format
    • Platform Developer's Guide: information about building and porting Android

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