Tutorials and Sample Code


This section lists, in alphabetical order, separately-housed collections of tutorials and sample code

  • anddev.org: large collection of tutorials, grouped by level of experience required (novice vs. advanced)
  • Android Snippets: collection of source code snippets, with comments
  • Hello Views: from the official Android site, a collection of samples for major GUI widgets and containers
  • Learning Android: A site dedicated to creating code tutorials that are both useful and up to date with the current SDK
  • SDK Sample Code: online edition of the sample code that accompanies the Android SDK
  • A blog on Android Beginner's Tutorials: a step-by-step introduction to android development concepts along with sample code to illustrate each concept separately, in a very simple way

Individual Tutorials and Samples

This section provides links to specific tutorials or sample code snippets, housed on this wiki or elsewhere, grouped into categories for easier navigation.

Complete Applications

  • Hello World: from the official Android site, the canonical "hello, world" application for Android
  • Notepad Tutorial: from the official Android site, demonstrates GUI and database access




  • Local Service in Android: How to create a local service, invoke a method and stop the service?
  • Remote Service: How to create a Remote Service, bind to it, invoke a method on the remote service, unbind and stop the service.

Content Providers

Miscellaneous APIs

Third-Party Code

Other Tutorials

Latest Code from Android Snippets

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