Development Tools

This page lists, in alphabetical order, online and local development tools that may be of use to Android developers:

  • aiLocalizer: Android Localizer - utility for automatic localization of Android applications (uses Google Translate API).
  • Android GUI Prototyping Stencil: Visio stencil to assist in prototyping Android UIs (second name: aiPrototyping)
  • aiCharts: Android Charts Library. Commercial.
  • DroidDraw: Online GUI editor for Android M5 SDK
  • SqliteGen: Eclipse plugin to generate Sqlite code
  • Nbandroid: Netbeans plugin for Android Development, was originally called undroid
  • ViewSourceINEclipse: Dr Michael Forester's directions in how to view Android source in Eclipse with python script to modify source folders.
  • MotoDev Studio for Android An IDE for Android Java application development by Motorola based on Eclipse.
  • CameraSource Camera Source in the emulator provided by Tom Gibara so that you can get Camera previews in the emulator using a webcam as source.
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